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Vegetable, Fruits & Exotic Production & Export

We are specialized in the sourcing, supply, and export of the highest quality Fruits and Vegetables and Exotic commodities in Bangladesh.

We have a strong network of collection agents that we have built up over time and with whom we have negotiated preferential pricing. Given these relationships, we can usually source the products at a very reasonable price.

Our strengths enables us to fill orders more efficiently and cost-effectively, which means that we can guarantee you with most competitive cost prices across our entire offering.


Seedlings Production

We believe, the production of good quality agro seedlings is essential for improving yields and getting quality produce. In most advanced countries vegetable seedling production is undertaken by specialized companies or as a specialized activity. In Bangladesh, the agro seedling production system is gradually changing from open fields to production in protected raised beds or seedling trays, and specialized seedling production areas. At present, we are doing R&D and trial production of potato seedlings using the aeroponic method and have an expansion plan to other high demand seedlings.


Soil bed gardening

Roof gardens have always been popular, particularly with urban dwellers, who may not have the luxury of space. Our roof top soil bed garden can cover the entire rooftop with various plants, on raised beds. We found this most affordable and convenient option, since raised bed can be made up of all sorts of materials. On the other hand, there are a few things to consider before thinking about that vegetable/fruit/flower patch on the roof.

Raised beds are essentially large containers. They can be made up of anything from wooden boxes, concrete boxes, barrels cut in half, or readymade one. Raised beds are raised off the ground, and they should have sufficient clearing to allow for proper drainage and air circulation.

When the raised beds are ready, filled with soil and plants, and sheltered from the elements. Depending on the size of the raised beds, it is ideal to have a water connection or some sort of water storage on the roof. It can get very tiring going up and down stairs and lifts filling up buckets of water. If there is no water connection, a rain barrel could be installed on the roof.


Aquaponics System Installation

Roof top Aquaponics farms can produce a wide variety of fish, fruit and vegetables for family consumption. This farming technology combine the intricate science of hydroponics and aquaculture, creating an integrated agriculture system to cultivate produce that meets highest agricultural standards.

With the world’s population predicted to increase to 9 billion people by 2050 – particularly in areas that have high rates of food insecurity, we believe roof top aquaponics farm will make a significant contribution to global food security and economic growth and offers an extremely attractive safe food consumption.

An aquaponics farm gives the producer the necessary protection from inflationary pressures and its associated costs and food safety for decades to come


Green House Farming

Our proposed greenhouse farm is located just outside of the capital city Dhaka in Purbachal, Kaligong, Gazipur, is a state of the art greenhouse complex to grow vegetables all year round.

At the end of 2020, we will commission and complete the first part of the greenhouse project that included 2000 Square feet. We will be growing fresh vegetables in the greenhouse complex, including tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and leafy vegetables. We believe this greenhouse complex will make a tangible contribution to the country’s goal of becoming a major exporter of vegetables in the longer term.


Business Development & Sustainable Farming Consultation

We can help agriculture businesses for transitioning to sustainability, navigating the various sustainable certification process, finding specialized equipment or locating new markets, and also help for preparing comprehensive investment strategy for business development. We can help to simplify the process and set businesses up for success with our consulting services in collaboration with our international development partners.

  • Agriculture Systems Assessment
  • Agriculture Systems Design
  • Agriculture Investment Strategy